Founded in 1925 and still a consequently family-owned business, TIGGES is one of today’s major specialized manufacturers of fasteners and connection elements worldwide.

The use of our four in-house production methods cold forming, machining, grinding and hot forging enables us to produce individual products with highest flexibility. Precise planning, competent engineering and best materials are combined step by step with only one target: to finally realize our customer’s vision on our state-of-the-art machinery.

Besides our plant in Wuppertal (Germany) we opened a second plant in Ipoh (Malaysia) in 1990, where the latest technology and know-how is combined with German quality standards.

Since 2009 we expanded in the international market through a Technical Sales Office with attached warehouse in Kobe City, Hyoga / Japan and in 2011 by a Technical Purchasing Office with quality assurance center as well as a Technical Sales Office for the Asian market in Kaohsiung City / Taiwan. Beginning in 2013, TIGGES offers support to the North American market by a plant, Technical Sales Office and logistics center in Greenville, South Carolina.


For many specialists, industries and customers, TIGGES is a competent and knowledged partner. The effective combination of project management, construction and production offers various benefits and advantages.
And the integration of our specialists in the conception and definition of a new product provides a wide range of clear economical advantages. So, our experience allows us to realize an ideal adaption of connection elements to the general product concept and thereby a significant reduction of process costs.

TIGGES – connecting more than visions.



We pursue a consistent zero-defect goal for our service and 100% delivery reliability. In order to achieve these goals, we take the necessary and economically justifiable measures.


Our corporate goal is to create customer benefits. Only the very highest quality and the fulfilment of customer requirements ensure our success and competitive edge. This is what all our employees stand for.


We regularly measure the quality performance and profitability of our processes. On the basis of suitable key figures, we evaluate the results and initiate targeted measures if deviations occur. We concentrate on innovative solutions and on increasing efficiency. This is also a requirement we place on our suppliers.


Our employees stand for our quality. We carefully select, instruct and train our employees. In our training concept, we sensitize our employees to environmental protection, resource management and occupational safety. We build on the ideas of our employees – a cornerstone of their motivation.


The attainment of quality goals can only be achieved if all employees act responsibly in cooperation with management. All employees are responsible for avoiding risks to others and the environment and for strictly complying with regulations and laws relating to occupational safety, health and environmental protection and energy management. Scenarios of potential incidents are scrutinized on a regular basis with our employees in order to ensure that we are optimally prepared.


We design our processes so that people’s health and safety receive special attention and harmful effects on the environment are kept down to a minimum.
The economic efficiency resulting from our strategy is the guarantee for secure jobs and for the future of our company. We are always transparent for our employees, customers and suppliers.


Our energy management is responsible and economical.
In the procurement of energy, e.g. for our plants and machines, we focus on operational and cost efficiency. Our energy consumption is permanently assessed and controlled by key figures. Consumption values are regularly analyzed in order to identify improvement potentials at an early stage and to exploit them to the fullest. Every employee is committed to avoiding unnecessary energy consumption.


We are passionately dedicated to making our contribution to society by continuously working to protect the environment and preserve resources. We work in compliance with standards, statutory regulations and environmental and energy-relevant specifications. For our employees, this is the framework for their daily tasks.
Our management system meets the requirements of IATF 16949:2016.

In our daily decisions, we strike a balance between relevant environmental aspects and economic feasibility.
This has immense effects, especially on restructuring and investments, which need to be controlled.
We commit ourselves to reviewing and evaluating our environmental goals annually and to identifying any needs for action.

Federal Environment Minister in Wuppertal